Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 7 of 30

I am feeling less and less hungry. 


2 packs of goldfish- 4 points
Smart Ones Fettucini- 4 points
Half a chicken enchilada- 4 points
Half a piece of banana bread- 4 points
3 Vodka Red Bulls- 5 points


Notes- Today I hardly wanted to eat. I wont say that my stomach is shrinking, but maybe its shrinking. One more day of vacation and I am going to try very hard to be good. I am going to take my crap myself, I mean diet tea, and hope that helps. I will do my best to update, but lets be real.......I am going to update on Monday. I will be partaking in Oysters and Cold Beer in Rockport and let's all hope for the best! I do still have 23 days when I come back, so chill out.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 6 of 30


Vanilla SlimfastShake 3
2 Slice of Wheat Bread 4
Smart Ones Fettucini 4
Smart Ones Salisbury Steak 6
Spinach 0
100 Calorie Pack Goldfish 2
Yogurt Parfait Chocolate Pudding with Raspberry Yogurt 2

Calories 1200 Points 21

All in all a good day. Its pretty bad when I start craving wheat bread, lol. Need to get more water in but I stuck to my points so that is good!!!

Day 4 and 5 of 30 and an update.

Today is Monday but since I wont post today till tomorrow, I decided to get the weight update here.

Starting 168/Today 165.5

Saturday and Sunday weren't a wash but they were a wash. I ate bad things like burgers and nachos here and there and I am going to have to start planning better for the weekends.

Somehow in the past 5 days I have managed to loose 2.5 pounds. Not mind blowing but it will work. I think the most important things is that I keep on going. I go on vacation on Thursday Morning so you will get a 4 day update when I get back. 11 pounds is all I need and when it comes to the hcg that will be the good stuff.

I will share a couple of things that have helped me not get crazy and stay on plan so to speak. With my smart ones lunch I eat a slice of wheat bread and a huge amount of spinach. Sonic has Minute Maid Light now, so you can get a route 44 drink and add a shot of diet cherry flavor to it and the calories are almost nothing and only 0.5 points. Trust me this drink helps. Last but not least Yoplait just came out with these yogurt parfaits with black pudding on the bottom and rasberry yogurt on top...100 calories and yummylicious.

jag out.

Day 3 of 30

Today wasn't terribly bad. But I think I am going to have to remember to count everything. I had a slice of wheat toast and a red bull for breakfast. For Lunch I had nothing. For dinner. I had miso soup, edaname, yellowtail, tuna, flounder and a few pieces of sushi roll. and a few martinis and yes maybe a couple of those were chocolate.

All in all not so bad and yes I drank more water.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 2 or 30

Okay so yesterday wasn't so great!

Weight- I forgot to do this starting weight was 168. I have a loooooong way to go.

Water- Sadly 16 oz

Food- Here where it gets cloudy, lol.

1 Slice of wheat bread C-130/P-2
56 Peanuts C-160/P-4
5 Handfuls of popcorn C-100/P-3
10 Vodka Drinks C-850 P-16
3 French Fries- no clue but bad
2 Bites of a Burger- no clue but bad
1/2 of a Frozen Pizza C-320/P-7

Total Calories-1710/Points- 36

Notes- As you can see I started out really well. Then I decided to have a drink and it all went to hell. Note to self= Jag, if you wake up and decide you are going to kill your liver for the evening. Be smart enough to eat some DAMN food before you do that!!! Please and Thank You.

Today I am going to do very good! I hope! Fingers and toes crossed, lol!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No! Mom you aren't doing that!

I promised you a belly pic and here it is. More will come later on this afternoon when I can get a friend to snap them. I asked my son last night if he would take a few pictures of my stomach for my blog. His response was I don't need to be showing you people my personal body.  Too funny! Anywho here it is in all its glory. Yes it hangs over my pants. Yes I have invested in spanx. Yes I have trouble seeing a few parts on my body! Yes I gain it all in my stomach!

That's honesty for ya. Time for a change!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 1 of 30

Weight- Will come tomorrow/with belly pic!

Water- Only 24 oz! Not good!

Food- Calories=C  Weight Watchers Points=P

Sugarfree Red Bull C-15/P-0
2 WW Lemon Cake C-180/P-2
Smart Ones Fettucine C-240/P-4
8 Wheat Thins C-70/P-1.5
Smart Ones Meatloaf C-250/P-5
I cup of Spinach C-60/P-0
2 Pickles C-10/P-0
1 Slice Wheat Bread C-130/p-2
1 WW Ice Cream C-60/P-1

Total= Points 22  Calories- 1250

Notes- Today wasn't that bad. Actually pretty easy if you stick to WW food. Tomorrow I have to drink more WATER!